" Because success doesn’t come without progress. "

Nationally qualified

Individualised teaching

Primary and secondary school levels


<p><span style='color: #f0c310;'>Academic support </span><br /> personalised coaching</p>
<p><span style='color: #2e77bb;'>Your child's progress</span><br />
	<span style='color: #f0c310;'> and success</span></p><p><span style='color: #f0c310;'>Rediscover the pleasure</span><br /> of learning</p><p>Step by step <br /> <span style='color: #f0c310;'> support</span></p>

Potential School: academic support and coaching services in all subjects for children from primary to secondary school level

A personalised approach to tutoring and homework puts the emphasis on your child’s needs, identifying his or her weaknesses and their causes, and drawing up an individualised programme.This is the goal for Potential School and its staff. Our objective is to ensure your child’s progress, success and fulfilment.

A word from the Director of Pedagogy

""With our personalised, pedagogical approach, Potential School offers your children a tailored academic support service for all subjects. First and foremost, our mission is to produce a tutoring programme, specifically adapted to the needs of the child.There are no pre-defined programmes with Potential School, but instead a monitoring system and goals that are both adapted to each child.

The coaches for our home-based programmes are all certified teachers who will put into practice the tutoring programme that we have created for you. Your child will visibly progress, and gain self-confidence as well as a renewed pleasure for learning."

Director of Pedagogy
An individualised tutoring programme
is the key to success
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